Sperm Donation Pennsylvania

Sperm Donation Pennsylvania

Donating sperm does not need to be as clinical as you might think. When you consider the ultimate purpose of sperm donation, it can be quite an enriching experience overall.

There is much that goes into donating sperm, and there are many families who will benefit from the gift you are willing to give as a donor. If you are interested in reading more about the sperm donation process and how beneficial donating sperm can be for donors, read on.

How Donating Sperm Works

If you are considering becoming a sperm donor, you will need to know what the requirements for sperm donation are—as it is never as simple as simply being fertile. To start, you should be prepared to undergo extensive mental health and physical examinations, be tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and submit to genetic testing and testing for sperm viability and quantity.

Additionally, you should also be at least eighteen years of age but under the age of thirty-nine in order to qualify. Once you have been chosen as a feasible candidate for sperm donation, you should be prepared to abstain from ejaculation for approximately seventy-two hours before you will head to a medical center that Baby Steps Surrogacy Center, Inc. works with regularly to make your donation.

The semen sample you provide will then be mixed with a cryopreservative solution that allows the sample to be frozen with liquid nitrogen until the sample is ready for use in the fertilization of a surrogate’s or intended mother’s egg.

Benefits That Come with Becoming a Sperm Donor

After the surrogate’s or intended mother’s egg has been successfully fertilized, the hope is that the surrogate will achieve a pregnancy. This is the true purpose in donating sperm: to assist families who have been unsuccessful in bringing a healthy child into the world without the help of a sperm donor.

If you have been able to help fertilize an egg, the medical center may request that you continue to provide this service, and what better satisfaction is there than knowing you played an integral part in helping another family’s dreams come true?

However, the sperm donation process can often be time-consuming, the donor will need to be health-conscious and actively abstaining from sexual gratification at times so they can produce viable sperm. For these reasons, Pennsylvanian sperm donors are typically compensated for their efforts. First-time donors can reasonably expect to be paid around $70 for their sperm samples, while habitual donors could expect to earn as much as $1,500 each month.

Though donating sperm can be financially rewarding, it’s important that your donation be given in the hopes of helping a family or individual become pregnant and not for the sole purpose of earning an extra buck. You should be driven to make a difference in someone’s life, and donors whose sole purpose is compensation are often not prepared for the responsibility that comes with becoming a sperm donor.

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