About Baby Steps Surrogacy Center, Inc.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Baby Steps Surrogacy Center, Inc. serves surrogates, intended parents, and egg, sperm, and embryo donors internationally. Our international surrogacy agency staff members match future parents with surrogates or donors to help intended parents achieve their ultimate goal: having a child they can call their own.

Highly regarded Pennsylvania family law attorney Lisa Vari founded Baby Steps Surrogacy Center, Inc. in 2018 and has been working on the legal side of surrogacy cases since 1998. Since then, the team has helped clients overcome the challenges associated with third-party reproduction so they can complete their families.

Baby Steps Surrogacy Center, Inc. staff members have experience with pre-birth orders, second parent and stepparent adoptions, egg and sperm donor contracts, and traditional and gestational surrogacy contracts.

In addition to helping our clients understand insurance coverage issues, medical billing, and financing options, we can also refer clients to reproductive experts and fertility clinics and recommend social workers and psychologists with experience in the field of fertility. We serve individuals, heterosexual couples, and same-sex couples.

To learn more or start your surrogacy journey, contact us. Give us a call at 412-281-9906 or reach us through the contact buttons above.