Is Paid Surrogacy Legal?

When you are considering the surrogacy process as a potential method of having a child, understanding the surrogacy laws in your state can be an essential first step. Many surrogates expect to be compensated for their contribution, and, aside from covering their medical expenses, providing compensation can ensure the relationship between you and your surrogate remains professional. 

As a Pennsylvania-based surrogacy agency that helps clients nationwide, we will use Pennsylvania as an example. In Pennsylvania, it is legal to pay surrogate mothers a base pay in addition to taking care of their medical expenses and other personal needs. 

At Baby Steps Surrogacy Center, Inc., no matter what state you are in, we will discuss compensation between the surrogate mother and the intended parents looking for a surrogate mother and ensure everyone understands what they are diving into before undergoing any treatment. 

Where You Live Matters

If you do not live in the state of Pennsylvania, laws may vary regarding surrogacy and compensation for surrogate mothers. While there are many states that support surrogacy, there are also some states that do not regulate the process at all. 

In a state that does not regulate surrogacy, it is not illegal to go through with surrogacy, but you may not be legally protected in the event that complications occur. 

In other states, surrogacy—particularly paid surrogacy—is actually considered illegal. It is important to investigate the laws in the states where the intended parent or parents and the surrogate live.

Make Sure You Are Protected Legally

Going through with the surrogacy process in a state that has legal statutes and laws in place supporting surrogacy can be beneficial because in the event that the surrogate mother tries to claim rights over the child, you will be protected under the law as the intended parent. You will also feel better about going into a legal contract with the surrogate mother and compensating her for her commitment. 

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While surrogates are providing an invaluable service to you, the goal is to make the process as professional as possible. At Baby Steps Surrogacy Center, Inc., we will handle the legal contracts and mediate with insurance companies, hospitals, and lawyers. Hopefully, having an agency in the middle will make you feel more at ease. 

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