Being a Surrogate for a Friend

When your close friend dreams of having a family, it can be hard to watch them struggle with infertility. If you enjoy giving birth and have successfully carried children of your own, it may seem like an easy choice to offer the invaluable gift of surrogacy to someone you love. Becoming a surrogate mother to your friend’s child can ensure that the process involves comfort and trust. 

What friends and intended parents may not realize, however, is the emotional burden that comes with surrogacy. It is important to discuss surrogacy between friends in great detail before committing to such a big decision. 

At Baby Steps Surrogacy Center, Inc., we can guide you and your friend through the process and discuss the physical, emotional, and financial aspects involved. We can ensure you can feel confident and informed before moving forward.

Benefits of Carrying Your Friend’s Baby

If you are already planning on becoming a surrogate mother, there are benefits associated with carrying a child for your friend as opposed to carrying a child of someone you do not know.

Because you know your friend so well, you will likely have an easier time communicating through the pregnancy. Your friend can accompany you to doctor’s appointments and you two may bond over the birthing experience.

Drawbacks of Providing Surrogacy Services for a Friend

Surrogacy can become messy when dealing with friends because of the emotions involved. As a surrogate mother, you may feel that you have more rights. It is important to remember that the intended parents are the parents of the child and their decisions will legally prevail. If anything should go wrong during pregnancy or the birth, it could ruin your future friendship.  

Work with Our Pittsburgh Surrogacy Agency

Because surrogacy is such a major life decision and has associated risks, it can place increased stress on a friendship. It is important to assess the durability of the friendship before deciding whether to carry your child’s baby.

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