Surrogacy for Gay Males

For same-sex couples, including gay males, surrogacy is often one of the only ways that they are able to achieve their dreams of becoming parents. Fortunately, if you are a gay man, regardless of whether you are currently single or in a relationship, there are a few different types of surrogacy you can choose from to expand your family. 

Continue reading to learn more about gestational and traditional surrogacy arrangements and what you should expect from your state when it comes to the legalities of surrogacy for gay men. 

What Type of Surrogacy Is Right for Your Family?

As a man, you or your male partner (if you have one) may have the potential to be biologically related to your baby in certain surrogacy situations. If you or your partner has viable, healthy sperm, then this may be a route you pursue.

As far as concerns the other half of the child’s biological makeup, in a traditional surrogacy plan, a surrogate mother will use her own eggs to become pregnant and will therefore be the biological mother of the baby. But in gestational surrogacy, you have the option of using donor eggs if you do not wish for the surrogate mother to be a genetic parent of your baby. 

One factor to keep in mind is that in most cases, gestational surrogacy is far more expensive than traditional surrogacy, due to the fact that the surrogate mother will need to undergo in vitro fertilization in order to become pregnant. Otherwise, either type of surrogacy could be a viable option for you as a gay male.

Prior to choosing your surrogate mother, you will need to decide which path to surrogacy is right for you and/or your partner. 

Legal Issues Surrounding Surrogacy for Same-Sex Families

Though the United States finally made same-sex marriage legal in 2015, the law does not say anything about gay couples or individuals who are interested in having a baby. 

Couple that with the fact that surrogacy is not federally regulated and is instead regulated by each state, you can imagine that you might be facing some legal issues as a gay male who is hoping to have a baby through surrogacy. 

Some states forbid surrogacy arrangements of any kind, while others allow it in specific circumstances. You may need to speak with a member of our team in order to have a clearer understanding of any issues there might be in the state you live in.

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