How to Find a Surrogate Mother

As an intended parent, choosing a surrogate mother can be a stressful part of the surrogacy process. You want to ensure that your baby is healthy upon delivery, so it is essential that you find a qualified surrogate mother who meets your needs. If you choose traditional surrogacy, finding a surrogate mother carries even more weight because the surrogate mother’s egg is used for the embryo.

At Baby Steps Surrogacy Center, Inc., we do the hard work for you. We take the time to screen surrogate mothers so when you review your choices, you can feel confident that every surrogate is physically and emotionally prepared to carry your baby. 

Map Out Your Priorities for Surrogacy 

The first step in finding a surrogate mother is to create a personalized surrogacy plan and map out your priorities. When using a surrogacy agency, the agency will assign you a representative who can help you create this plan. Your plan should include whether you will choose the route of traditional or gestational surrogacy. If you want to use your own sperm or eggs, gestational surrogacy is the ideal option for you. 

Find a Match with the Right Mother

Aside from which route you choose, you may also have other requirements for your surrogate mother, such as age, experience with childbearing, health, and more.

When you use a surrogacy agency, the agency can take your requirements into consideration and provide you with filtered options of women to look through. You can hire a surrogate mother based on your priorities after meeting with her in person and deciding if she is a match. 

Reach Out to Our Surrogacy Agency in Pittsburgh

Finding the right surrogate mother without an agency supporting you can be difficult, because you will need to hire your own legal team and set up your own health screen for your surrogate mother. Without an agency, you will not have as many options. At Baby Steps Surrogacy Center, Inc., we strive to make your experience seamless by beginning with the perfect match.

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