Things to Know about Becoming a Surrogate Mother

If you love the experience of being pregnant and are compelled to make a positive impact in the world, becoming a surrogate may be something you are considering. While you may have considered the physical aspects of pregnancy, understanding the surrogacy process is another thing entirely. Before committing to becoming a surrogate for another family, it is important to be fully prepared. 

Emotionally, being a surrogate mother can be draining. Not only are you dealing with your personal emotions of carrying a baby who is not your own, but you will also have to deal with the emotions of the intended parents. Additionally, there are legal aspects of the process you will need to deal with; however, surrogacy can still be extremely rewarding. 

At Baby Steps Surrogacy Center, Inc., our goal is to help both surrogate mothers and intended parents feel at ease in their decision to create a family together. We will ensure that all parties involved feel comfortable with their decision before moving forward with any treatment. As a surrogate mother, you will want to prepare for the experiences before, during, and after pregnancy. 

Before Pregnancy

When applying to become a surrogate mother, the screening process will be lengthy, so it is important to be patient if you are truly committed. This screening process will involve both physical and emotional tests to ensure you are fully ready for what is to come. Once the agency has deemed you eligible for surrogacy, you will need to wait to be matched with the perfect family. 

You will sort out a legal surrogacy agreement with the intended parents regarding what is expected of you before and during the pregnancy. This contract may discuss selective reduction of embryos, financial compensation, prenatal appointments, abortion and miscarriage, and the birth itself. 

Before the pregnancy, you will go through fertility treatments to trigger your body’s production of eggs. You may have to administer daily fertility shots that can be uncomfortable. Oftentimes, it can take multiple tries before a surrogate mother becomes pregnant, which can make the initial stages of surrogacy one of the hardest times.

During Pregnancy

Once it is confirmed that you are pregnant with the intended parent or parents’ child, the process may become physically easier, because you have been through a typical pregnancy before. You will have to remember not to become emotionally attached to this child; however, most surrogate mothers do not have significant issues with this because they are vetted for this on the front end. 

Hormones may cause you to feel emotional about the baby at times, but if you remind yourself that pregnancy hormones are causing your change in emotions, these feelings can be handled more easily. Understanding that the intended parents are also dealing with difficult emotions may make you feel better.

After Pregnancy

After the pregnancy, you will likely be relieved and excited for the intended parents who you have given this amazing gift to. You may also feel emotional, but again, this can be due to pregnancy hormones. As time moves forward, the transition should become easier. 

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Each surrogate will have a different contract with her intended parents, which will be written up before ever starting the pregnancy process. At Baby Steps Surrogacy Center, Inc., we make sure all parties are fully aware of what will transpire before moving forward. If you have any questions or would like more information about becoming a surrogate, call 412-884-2229 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation.

Ways to Ensure a Healthy Surrogate Pregnancy

If you are an individual who is hoping to use a surrogate mother to expand your family, you will likely want to ensure that the surrogate has a safe and healthy pregnancy so your baby can grow strong and free of complications.

However, when you are not the one carrying the baby, you may be wondering what you can do to make sure that your baby is healthy through their gestation. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to contribute to your growing baby’s health and safety. We go over some of the things you can do in the article below.

Working Out Your Surrogacy Contract Prior to Pregnancy

One of the best ways to contribute to a healthy pregnancy is to ensure that the surrogate mother is stress-free. You can help in this way by developing a well-thought-out surrogacy contract before your surrogate becomes pregnant.

This is important because your surrogacy contract will contain information regarding every possible detail of your surrogacy arrangement, such as what you will do if the baby develops abnormally or your surrogate mother miscarries, what extraordinary measures should be taken if there are complications during labor or delivery, and if you are going to include a pre-birth order in your contract.

With these details out of the way, your surrogate mother will not to need worry herself about what is going to happen at any point in an emergency situation.

Obtaining Proper Prenatal Care

For any pregnancy to be at its healthiest, obtaining the necessary prenatal care is crucial. As part of your surrogacy contract, you will include a portion regarding compensation for all of the surrogate mother’s prenatal care. Part of this care will include coverage of her prenatal vitamins and any other supplements your midwives, nurses, and/or obstetricians recommend.

She will typically attend one appointment each month, followed by one every week beginning the thirty-sixth week of her pregnancy. You will also need to work with your surrogate mother to decide if she will have blood testing done, an amniocentesis, or other prenatal testing as part of the pregnancy.

Stipends for Costs of Living

It is not uncommon for intended parents to cover the essential living expenses of their surrogate mother. If the surrogate has her rent/mortgage payment, utility bills, and her nutritious groceries covered, she will have peace of mind and access to an environment where she (and your growing baby!) can thrive.

Contact a Respected Surrogacy Agency

If you are ready to embark on what is sure to be one of the greatest journeys of your life, work with our respected team at Baby Steps Surrogacy Center, Inc. Our surrogacy agency can assist you in working out how to provide the necessary living expenses your surrogate mother will need to maintain a safe and healthy pregnancy.

We will also be ready to help you build a complete surrogacy contract prior to your surrogate becoming pregnant so these critical details are decided in advance, allowing the surrogate mother to spend her energy growing your baby. You can come in for a free consultation today by clicking on the contact button above or giving our office a call at 412-884-2229.

Domestic vs. International Surrogacy

Domestic vs. International Surrogacy

Whether you are interested in becoming a surrogate mother for an individual or family in need or if you are seeking a surrogate mother to help you expand your family, it is important to know the surrogacy laws of the state and/or country where you live.

The laws for domestic surrogacy are very different from those of other countries, and an international surrogacy arrangement can be an additional burden. Below, we discuss how surrogacy and compensation are regulated in the United States in comparison to other countries.

Surrogacy Regulation in the U.S.

The good news for intended parents, surrogate mothers, and other individuals who are willing to travel to the U.S. is that American surrogacy arrangements are heavily regulated when compared to those in other countries.

Although some states do not have a specific law enacted, or prohibit compensated surrogacy entirely, in many countries, you can expect to be fined or jailed for participating in a surrogacy arrangement in any way.

What’s more, the healthcare laws are also regulated in the U.S. This means that those entering into surrogacy arrangements within the States can expect to have exceptional healthcare throughout the surrogacy process, including intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF), pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

Choosing to embark on your surrogacy journey in the U.S. would be well-advised when you want to ensure that you are following the letter of the law and obtaining the healthcare you need to produce a healthy and successful baby.

Compensation in Surrogacy Agreements

Similar to the act of surrogacy itself and healthcare in the U.S., compensation for surrogacy arrangements also varies across the world. Within the United States, some states expressly prohibit compensated surrogacy arrangements but allow for altruistic surrogacy plans (uncompensated).

If compensated surrogacy is legal in your part of the globe, you can expect the amount surrogate mothers will receive will be far less than that of mothers in U.S.-based surrogacy arrangements.

In some countries, intended parents will only provide coverage of the surrogate mother’s medical expenses, without regard for the time, effort, and emotional turmoil that comes with growing a baby that isn’t hers. However, when you choose domestic surrogacy, you can rest assured that the costs and compensation will be reasonable and align with the critical components that come with a surrogacy commitment.

Work with a Respected Surrogacy Agency

Figuring out which laws around the world will apply to your surrogacy arrangement can be confusing, but in most cases, where the surrogate mother or intended parents reside will determine which laws are applicable.

Even though different states in the U.S. have varying surrogacy laws, the truth is that domestic surrogacy arrangements are generally all-around more successful than those happening internationally.

If you would like more information on domestic and international surrogacy regulations, or if you would like to take the first steps in your surrogacy plan, consult with Baby Steps Surrogacy Center, Inc. today. You can schedule your first appointment when you fill out the form on the contact tab above or give our office a call at 412-884-2229.